Men’s Bracelets At Our Hippie Shop, All New

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Kate’s hand-made men’s bracelets are looking really nice. Men’s jewelry has always been part of our Line here at My Hippie Shop, but these hand-made men’s bracelets are finely crafted and made of unique stones and other beads. The workmanship is really fine and you’ll see that no one offers anything like Kate’s men’s jewelry. New men’s bracelets have just been added so check them out @...

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Summer Treat

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Although it’s not summer yet, strawberries are here. My family loves chocolate strawberries. Every time I make them they are a big hit. I just melt about a cup of chocolate chips in a bowl with about 2 Tsp.of water. Then stir it and let cool for a few minutes. Dip a clean and pat dry strawberry in the melted chocolate one at a time. Many times I sprinkle sliced almond (I crumbled them into small pieces) on those chocolate strawberries. They taste best if you refrigerate them before serving. I hope you enjoy and have a yummy...

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Welcome To The All New My Hippie Shop

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We have totally redesigned our store here at My Hippie Shop. Click and check out all our cool new stuff. We have lots of new women’s and men’s jewelry and all kinds of other fabcool stuff. All with the total hippie in mind. So click the link and visit our all new My Hippie Shop. By the way, leave a comment and let us know how you liked the trip. Click the banner on the right. Or on the image...

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The Ultimate 60s Dance Bands

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The Electric Marmalade Is the only 60s dance album that was never released in the 60s. Check out this lost 50s dance album and you will have all new 60s music that you never heard before. A dance band with a dance album, that’s what The Electric Marmalade is. Want a NEW 6o’s dance album? The psychedelia on The Electric Marmalade “Voyage Through the Lave Lamp dance album will turn you on. All new 60s dance music from a real 60s dance band that’s just been released like a bottle of vintage lost wine. Now you can re...

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Great New ’60s Dance Music

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There were a lot of great bands in the ’60s. The electric Marmalade can get your psychedelic party really groovin’ with ’60s dance music. You can dance in a psychedelic trance with The Electric Marmalade and their Album “Voyage Through the Lave Lamp” New dance music from the 1960′s is hard to come by. But this ’60s dance album’s  sure to get your love- in in tune with the psychedelic. Get more psychedelic sixties dance music for your money. And the great thing about this tripped out album is...

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Hippie Shop That Works for Your Head and Your Hippie Fashion

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A hippie shop is a many splendid thing to be sure. now hippie shops come and go but which ones stick around and feed your head? Which hippie shop offers hippie stuff for the actual hippie end user? That shop my fiend would be  –that’s because all your essential hippie gear can be found here and you can always contact and just say hey. My hippie shop es su hippie shop my friends. so click on the image. Go there my...

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The Electric Marmalade, Big Chill Bands, Perfect For Your Big Chill Party

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We all know The Beatles, but did you know your Big Chill Party could be better than you’d ever imagined with The Electric Marmalade album “Voyage Through the Lava Lamp?” Yes, this 60s rock classic of new is all psychedelic music, psychedelic rock to be exact and you can play it at your Big Chill party for a refreshing new hippie band and hippie music that’s all psychedelic rock.  What’s up? The Beatles are gone, The Electric Marmalade is still playing psychedelic music and they are all still alive and playing 60s...

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Welcome To The Best Love-In Ever Right Here

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Put some flowers in your hair and get out your Haight Ashberry paraphernalia be cause The Electric Marmalade is hosting a love-in right here. We may be hippies but we are a groovy psychedelic 60s band and purveyors of hippie music and 60s music. Come to the love-in. It won’t happen until we’re all here loving each other.  Browse our sight and leave your love-in comment right here. If it’s loving, we’re sure to post it. So tun in, turn on and drop out baby. that’s right, it’s psychedelic time. Feel the...

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New Sixties Music From The Electric Marmalade

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They sound like a complete psychedelic 60s bans in the style of The Beatles of The Doors  Psychedelic music from the 60s fills the air when you take a “Voyage Through the Lava Lamp” with The Electric marmalade . This is one the the 60s bands you missed in the psychedelic 50s.  Would you like to hear hippie music that’s brand hew? Brand new psychedelic rock? Brand new 60s bands like the Electric Marmalade are few and far between when it comes to original psychedelic rock that comes straight from the heart of the psychedelic...

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The Electric Marmalade Welcomes You

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The Electric Marmalade is working on a new album. We went into the studio and did a session last Sunday and are hoping to put out the new album soon. Visit our site and check us out on iTunes.

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